This is what winning looks like:

  • Navigating through the post-earmark environment to secure a $10 million grant by pre-selling client capabilities to top agency decision makers while the parameters of the grant were still at the formulation stage
  • Securing a non-competitive, unsolicited grant to establish a national clearinghouse
  • Saving a company from going out of business by recruiting a key subcommittee chairman to personally intervene with the top leadership at OSHA to overturn a misguided agency decision
  • Saving a Fortune 500 client from having to take one of its most profitable products off the market by recruiting 25 Members of Congress to convince the Secretary of Health and Human Services to personally intervene and overturn an unreasonable FDA decision 
  • Saving a company from paying millions of dollars in unfair tariffs by recruiting the Appropriations Committee subcommittee chairman responsible for the Treasury Department's budget to persuade an assistant secretary at Treasury to invoke a rarely used authority to overturn an unfair decision at the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • Leading a coalition that convinced Congress to establish the Child Tax Credit
  • Leading a coalition that stopped a major tax increase, despite opposition from the president and the combined Majority and Minority Leadership of the House and Senate
  • On behalf of one organization, securing 10 out of 10 requests made to the Appropriations Committees over a two-year period to insert specific agency directives and mandates into their bills


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